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“The most notable of these dogs is Stubby, the most decorated dog in American military history. Stubby was a stray dog that wandered into the U.S. encampment of the WWI 102nd Infantry. He befriended the soldiers and was sent out to France. Stubby served to brighten the men’s spirits while they battled in the trenches. He warned the troop of gas bombs and German attacks in the middle of the night. Stubby once found a hiding German spy and bit him in his pants until U.S. soldiers came to capture him. At one point, Stubby got too close to a grenade and his front leg was injured, later he was gassed.

After he returned home, he became a celebrity and was made a lifetime member of the American Legion, where he took part in every parade and every convention until his death in 1926. Stubby met Presidents Wilson, Harding and Coolidge. He received a special golden hero dog medal created by the Humane Education Society (later the Humane Society) that was attached to his jacket, sewn by ladies of the rescued town, Chateau Thierry. Other medals he received include the Purple Heart, a New Haven WWI Veterans Medal, 3 Services Stripes and many more.

An interesting side note, some people credit Stubby with creating the halftime show at football games. When his master attended Georgetown University to study law, the pup became the football team’s mascot. Between the two halves, he would play with a football on the field to entertain the crowd.”

Go Stubby! Another historical dog to look up to!

Happy Mother’s day!

Neighborhood news.

The new “puppy” across the street, Miley, has gotten much bigger. And louder. She’s always barking & dragging her dad around the lawn. Pfft. German Shepherds. I know all this because the windows are open more now, and because she’s apparently been “housetrained” whereas before she probably just peed in the house like puppies are supposed to do.

The crazy bitch down the street (I’m not being insulting, she’s crazy and she is indeed a bitch) still stalks me. God, you sniff a chicks’ butt ONCE and they think you’re married. I just play dead whenever I see her now. I don’t think she falls for it though.

In general, there are lots of goings on now that the weather is warmer. With my badge back on my collar, I’ve reinstated myself as Town Sheriff/Mayor and therefore have to sit on the back of the couch and watch out the front window to keep an eye on things.

I’ve also been running around the backyard a lot more, and getting more exercise. Did I mention my doctor told me I was slightly overweight? Yeah. I was miffed to say the least. I was NOT overweight. I am big boned. I’m part Staffordshire Bull Terrier, for Milkbones’ sake. Have you seen a Staffie lately? They’re like brick walls! Humph. Overweight. Although I’m also part Lab, and they tell me Labs can lean towards being on the heavy side because they like to eat. *sigh* Anyway.. people have been telling me I’ve lost weight, so hopefully I have. I’ve also been eating diet dry food, by Nutro. It’s pretty good actually. And mom & dad still mix some Halo Spot’s Stew in with it so I’m happy.

That’s about it for now… I’ll be back soon, loyal readers.


FINALLY… it’s warm out! I can go to the dog park, play in the yard, and best of all… relax on my deck. *sigh* Life is good.

And my dad fixed my NYPD shield! So now it’s back on my collar where it belongs. I have to keep these neighborhood ruffians in line, you know. They respect the badge.

Nothing new to report.

Like the title says… same ol’, same ol’…

We got hit with a really bad wind/rainstorm this past weekend. Everyone was saying it was like a hurricane. I dunno what the heck that means, all I know is it was way too windy to even pee! Usually, I love being outside. Even in blizzards. But this was not fun. I ran right back inside after I did what I had to do… it’s no fun to be hanging around outside with your eyes squinted so the rain/blowing leaves doesn’t get in them, getting soaking wet. Bleh.

I am really looking forward to warmer weather… and the dog park!! And hopefully, giving you guys more stuff to read here.

A very sad day for pups.

Yesterday one of my idols, Cesar Millan’s partner in crime, Daddy, passed away at age 16. I looked up to Daddy because he was always so good… my mom & dad watch Cesar’s show all the time, and everytime I saw Daddy I tried to be like him, which was hard during my puppyhood because all I really wanted was to jump on people and chew their fingers. But Daddy was always so cool. How did he stay so calm? He was amazing.

Daddy battled cancer and went through chemotherapy! How brave. I think I speak for not only canines but humans too when I say he was an inspiration, the perfect example of “calm assertive” energy and an example of how we should all be.

I don’t think I’m the only dog who’s really saddened at this news today. I definitely need an extra Milkbone tonight.


Me & my mom in the snow

Waiting for dad to throw a snowball for me to catch!

In case you didn’t know, this past week more than a foot of snow fell here in NY! It was AWESOME! Mom wasn’t too happy about it, but once we started playing in the yard, she had fun. Speaking of which, I got to go out and play in it almost every day! My mom & dad chased me, I chased them, I dug holes (I wanted to make sure the grass was still there underneath!) and they threw snowballs for me to catch. Except… you can’t catch snow. So I just ate them. *shrugs*

Valentine’s Day is coming up.

Have you got your furry four-legged friend some holiday appropriate treats yet!?

If not, then here are some ideas. My mom makes me pupcakes, which are my absolute favorite treats ever. She makes two different kinds: yogurt, oatmeal, honey & cheese (I know it sounds weird but it’s awesome!) and banana, honey & cinnamon.You can add some food coloring to them to make them red or pink, if you’d like to make them more Valentine’s appropriate. She also bakes me homemade dog biscuits and cookies too, which can also be themed to Valentine’s Day.

If you’re not a baker… then there are many sites where you can buy your little Valentine something. Like here at Healthy Hound Bakery, where they have a few gift options, like a treat box, a treat tower and a doggie cake, and this site, K9 Confections, has TONS of really nice ideas too.

So happy early Valentine’s Day to all mah dawgs out there!

What? Is that not cool to say anymore?

It’s my anniversary!

One year ago today, my mommy, my daddy, my grandma & grandpa and aunt Jen all went to North Shore to pick me up. I didn’t know they were coming, and they didn’t know it was me they’d leave with, but darn if it didn’t work out perfectly. And I didn’t know it yet, but that was the best day of my life, and I know it was the best of theirs too. Because really, who wouldn’t want to come home and see this face waiting for them?

I love you, mom & dad. Thanks for picking me, and thanks for being so patient with me through my housetraining, and my chewy phase, and all the other little idiosyncracies (I had to look that word up in the thesaurus) I’ve had. You’re awesome parents.

Now get me a baby sister or brother. It’s lonely here when no one’s home. On that note… there are pupcakes calling my name.

Look at this!

My Aunt Yoyo made my blog her Web Crawler Wednesday site of the week! How exciting. I’m a newbie to the blogging world and I’m already getting all kinds of attention.

Go check out her blog and then buy some stuff from her webstore- she sells awesome stuff!

Psst.. you can’t buy a blanket like mine. Sorry. If you really want one though, contact her and ask… I’m sure she’ll make you one too *wink*